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Foreign Editions of The Map of Lost Memories

Hungary: Geopen Publisher

The Map of Lost Memories was published by Geopen in Hungary as part of a 20-volume collection celebrating the publisher's 20th anniversary. Geopen commissioned graphic designer Hitka Viktória to create a unique series of distinctive covers featuring motifs related to the individual books. The Contemporary World Literature series also features novels by Haruki Murakami, Isabel Allende, Kate Atkinson, Muriel Barbery and John Banville.

Italy: Neri Pozza Publisher

United Kingdom: Hodder & Stoughton Publisher


Marie Claire (UK)
"An exciting, evocative romp through the jungle where murder, mystery, romance and the maddeningly humid weather make for a gripping debut"

Red magazine
"A detailed, evocative historical adventure set in the 1920s between Shanghai, Saigon and Cambodia.... Great page-turner."

Bella magazine (a "Bella Loves" selection)
"This gripping first novel is a real gem."

newbooks magazine, Volume nb70
“[This] is an adventure story with three distinct sections, Shanghai, Saigon and Cambodia; all are beautifully placed within the narrative, and yet blend together quite seamlessly to produce a detailed and imaginative journey into an ancient and powerful civilisation … An abundance of rich and varied characters combine to make this a really satisfying read.”

Irish Examiner
“Fay has written an evocative and compelling story, creating a rich environment from which the characters come to life, whether it is in Shanghai streets or the Cambodian jungles.”

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland: Bazar Forlag Publisher

Holland: Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum Publisher